My Surety Stands

Before the throne my Surety stands, before the throne my Surety stands … my name is written on His hands.”

Those are amazing words penned by Charles Wesley.


We don’t often use that word, surety.  What does it mean?  Surety is, in one sense, a security against loss or damage or for the payment of a debt. It is a pledge or bond or guarantee.  But an even better definition (from the World English Dictionary) is this:

a person who assumes legal responsibility for the fulfillment of another’s debt or obligation
and himself becomes liable if the other defaults.

That’s the Gospel in a word.

We have certainly defaulted and yet Jesus assumed legal responsibility for our debt; He assumed the fulfillment of our debt and obligation; He became liable for us.

That is what we celebrate in the Ascension of our Lord – the certainty that we are loved, forgiven and accepted by God because of Christ; that our names are written on His hands and therefore, before the throne of God, our Surety stands.

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